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SaaS companies rely on lead generation campaigns to keep their funnels full and healthy. Optimize your campaigns for conversion with targeted, personalized onsite messages designed to turn browsers into customers faster than ever.

Using Justuno’s integration with Hubspot allows our marketing team to target specific segments of onsite traffic when we sponsor a conference or drive traffic back to a dedicated landing page. Once site visitors opt-in, leads are immediately enrolled into Hubspot workflows to nurture them based on the data points we captured with Justuno.

Additionally, using Justuno on our swag store allows us to leverage our custom integration around social impact – providing a live demo of how our tools work together!

Ronny Sage
CEO, ShoppingGives

Effective Audience Segmentation

SaaS companies tend to have diverse customer bases made up of multiple segments with different goals and needs from their platform. Effectively market to each target segment with personalized onsite messages designed to increase relevancy and drive desired actions. With 100+ targeting rules to combine, every segment can be shown the information they need or the right offer to increase conversions.

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Eliminate Developer Roadblocks

Launch your onsite campaigns without developer support! Our drag-and-drop design canvas makes it easy to build any onsite message or use one of Justuno’s hundreds of high-converting, customizable designer templates to go live in minutes. Just build, brand, and go live–it’s that easy so your dev team can stay focused on your SaaS solution.

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Optimize Your
Lead Generation Campaigns

Keep your sales team happy with a steady supply of leads using lead generation promotions designed to convert at higher than average rates. Customizable forms enable you to collect all relevant information and seamlessly feed it into your CRM. Whether you’re just looking for the basics or need custom fields, our design canvas is ready to bring your vision to life.

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Seamlessly Connect Your Tech Stack

Justuno integrates with 100+ other SaaS applications so you can be sure that not only can we help you capture more leads for your business, we can integrate your entire tech stack. Pass all first-party data you collect into your CRM, ESP, or other platform so your sales team can immediately follow-up and have all the information they need to close the sale.

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Experiment Quickly For Better Results

Easily create A/B tests for your onsite campaigns so you can quickly see what’s working and what isn’t. Test out different messaging for your SaaS platform’s value to see what resonates with your target audience and collect more qualified leads with every iteration.

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