Increase Sales/Revenue

Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Personalization is key for connecting customers to your brand and building the kind of loyalty that grows customer lifetime value (CLV). Create that connection with onsite experiences designed to convert more visitors to customers and keep them coming back to unlock more revenue per acquisition and improve ROI.

133,000+ brands use Justuno to engage and
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The Vitamin Shoppe
Golf NBC
Peter Millar

Turn First-Time Buyers Into Repeat Customers

Start building a connection with your customers as soon as they convert: post-purchase messaging is an opportunity to showcase great customer service and plant the seed for the next purchase. Educational content, related products, and warranty offers are all nurture tactics to re-engage and drive new customers back to your website.

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Increase AOV With Intelligent Product Recommendations

Purchase frequency isn’t the only way to increase CLV; higher AOVs are a fast way to increase revenue. Justuno makes it easy to do with our intelligent product recommendations engine. Personalized recommendations demonstrate how you provide solutions to their needs, making them feel understood and motivating them to engage with your brand.

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Zero Party Data Profile

Boost Sales & Long-Term Retention With Personalization

Repeat customers with large order values and frequent re-purchase rates result from understanding your audience and their needs. Zero and first-party data can help you speak their language with more effective email/SMS campaigns for a more personalized experience beyond just products. All you need to do is start collecting and leveraging it!

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Effectively Scale Your Business With Improved CLV

Acquiring new customers can cost five times as much as retaining customers, which means an effective growth strategy should focus on CLV. With quality CRO, you can prioritize your most valuable customer segments with tailored onsite messaging and promotions that nurture the relationship, build brand loyalty, and ultimately drive repeat purchases and higher CLV.

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“Since moving to Justuno, we tripled our performance and have understood customer behavior during times of rapid growth!”

Griffin Thall
CEO and Co-Founder @ Pura Vida Bracelets

Continually Grow Your ROI/
Improve Your CLV

1. Retargeting Campaigns —  

Nurture subscribers and customers toward action with personalized, relevant content fueled by retargeting audiences and maximizing brand awareness through consistent messaging.

2. Bundles — 
Offer multi-product discounts to encourage higher order values while driving customer satisfaction.

3. VIPs Only — 

Engage and delight top customers with exclusive discounts and limited-time offers that  inspire continued loyalty. 

Earn More Revenue With
Current Customers

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